Max The Baby

Max The Baby was a very good little baby. Everyone loved him so much even though he didn’t really talk or anything. He was born on May 14th because he wasn’t getting enough good nutrition in the womb. He was a little baby, 1lb 1oz, but he was a good boy that could breathe on his own and make an awesome mean face. His dad saw when they pulled him out and he had a great scowl, living up to his nickname of Mad Max. He was doing a good job growing and gaining weight and pooping in the NICU. He liked to open his eyes and look around and lay on his mommy’s chest and grab people’s hands. He liked his nurses too because they were usually nice and loved him and called him Mighty Max and made him nice name signs. One day when they were taking care of him his heart rate went down and wouldn’t come back up when they tried different things. I think maybe he maybe was tired of the NICU and wanted to go up to Heaven. He was such a perfect little boy and never did anything bad to everyone. He will watch over everyone that was nice to him. He was young but he had more hospital time and blood transfusions and different little medical things than most people – meaning he was super strong. He had a friend that was a little screaming monkey that stayed in his room. Max The Baby is an amazing boy that we’ll always think about and love.

5 thoughts on “Max The Baby

  1. I wish I would have gotten to meet Max. He was obviously the coolest baby ever. Much love to you, Michael, as well as Kerri and Ela. You are some of the strongest people I have ever met.

  2. sweet max. he was def a fighter… breaks my heart to hear but i know yall loved him so much and he is very lucky to have amazing parents!!!!!!!!

  3. You are the best daddy a Max could ask for! I love you and the tribute you have made for him so all our friends and family can get to know what a special, bright and perfect little boy our son is. 16 days was all he needed to change our lives forever.

  4. Max is as cute as can be! I’m sorry for your loss and know exactly what you went through. My little girl was born on May17th and passed away June 6th. Wishing you the same peace I so desire through this heartbreaking time.

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