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Coming soon on I’ll have something a few things going on BUT….

First things first, I want to deeply think everyone who came to Max’s burial. I was amazed. For me, especially, I was taken aback by all the people from the Process Department from where I work. Some of them I spoke to often, some only sometimes, some only nods, and some not for years, but it was so classy them showing up.  These are people of all races, religions, creeds, and all that, and it proves to me that there’s good in everyone.

Next thing I’ll post here is something called Team Max. These are pictures of people holding signs supporting my baby Max, mostly requisitioned by my really great friend Amber Pierce (now Cessac, but old habits…) This includes the nurses that took him in, the doctors that coordinated his C-section, random people, etc.

If you want yourself holding a picture that says “I Heart Max” or somesuch, please e-mail to I don’t know, it’s sort of stupid, but kinda nice I think.

Also I’ll throw on some funeral pictures.  The flowers and everything were beautiful. But now my 700 square foot apartment is left with a veritable rainforest.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll put on my funeral speech. Somehow I went 14+ minutes never getting nervous and just talking from the heart. It was emotional.

For those who have known me (Michael Tworzydlo, EndlessMike03) longer: I had a blog called for years. Like 7 plus years at this point. I “ended” it once news of Max being in the womb and doing good came out, but since his passing I wanted somewhere to vent that wouldn’t destroy the sanctity of, so for all your interests, please go to

It’s Not Safe For Everyone but they are the current thoughts of a grieving semi-intellectual father so take that how you will.

Again thanks for everyone and anyone who reads,
My main mission statement right now is Appreciate your kids. Just appreciate them and do your best to take care of them. You know they don’t come easy.

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  1. I Heart Max pictures are a visual representation of all the lives Max touched. You may think living 16 days wouldn’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but Max has taught us all to re-evaluate our lives, why we’re here, what a miracle every life is, and how much we love you and Keri. It’s our tiny way of showing you how many people care about you, so many people truly, DEEPLY care about you all, even complete strangers. You are all so loved.

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