2 Months

Happy two month birthday to Max the Baby! A landmark day in my lifestory, to say the least.
We visited his grave today and it still has all the cool stuff I put up the other day, despite the rain. My makeshift lamination technique worked.

I’ve yet to get my commemoratory tattoo yet, but it will be Max’s handprint eventually, when I get the onions to go to the place and ask for it.

We’ve also yet to order the tombstone, but I’m hoping the lyric “The Earth Looks Better From A Star That’s Right Above From Where You Are” fits.

It’s been a 1.5 months since Max went to Angel-mode but the crying’s simmered down and there’s more of a blissful happiness when looking at and kissing his pictures. Got some book recommendations on grief and losing kids, but I haven’t gotten around to reading most yet. Counseling and just general time have helped though.

Love you, Mega Max the Super Angel Baby Boy.

P.S. – Stuff’s still coming in like the other day a really nice sympathy card spearheaded by I think my friend Miller signed by Nederland people. Really appreciate every gesture like that.

P.P.S – Before this all happened, I never knew how I’d react to this kind of situation, and people have told me, “I can’t imagine what you’re going through” and the like, and even with the benefit of hindsight, I barely know how I’ve come through it. But I realize there’s still a lifetime to go.

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