From Keri

Keri hasn’t really gotten involved with Max as far as the digital world goes. She prefers doing things like putting his pictures in frames, organizing awesome things for him, and feeding him breastmilk. But, without my foreknowledge, she added a guestbook post to this site the other day that should really be highlighted. It’s directed towards Max and echoes many of my sentiments. I loved it and hope she continues:

Hey, my little angel buddy. Just want to tell you how very much we love and miss you!!! Mommy and Daddy are getting better now, I hope you don’t worry about us when you look down on us from heaven. We wanted you more than anything in this while world but are so happy you are safe and perfect. Thank you for fighting to be with us. You made our lives a million times better than we could have ever imagined them being before we met you. You are so strong and brave, my little man. There’s a lot you didn’t get to do down here but you did get to experience the very best part of life, which is being loved ABSOLUTELY UNCONDITIONALLY. And not just by your parents, but by your grandparents and aunts and uncles and the rest of your family and friends and nurses and doctors and even people who were never lucky enough to meet a cool dude like you. Whenever we do something good with our lives, know that it is to honor (daddy would want me to spell it honour) you. You were a wonderful son and your future brothers and sisters will know all about you and be glad to have their big brother watching over them. I don’t know much about heaven, just that you’re there now and I hope one day I make it there to meet you and know you better. I love you, monkey.

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