I love my little Maxy boy. Think of him all day everyday. Toughest thing a person can go through, they say. I’ll agree to that.

I (Michael) am living in Chicago for the next six months for work. I crave the parallel universe where I’m in Houston, and Keri is at home, and we’re carrying for Max. I’d give anything for that. I’m typing this from my apartment roof right now, which may or may not be safe.

My apartment has lots of Max pictures. I like knowing he’s with me watching me. And I know he’d want me to be happy. I know that because when I die, I’ll want people I left behind to be happy. And he’s my son. So there you go.

I feel like he’s checking out Chicago with me.

The dude is amazing. Love him so so much. I like him a lot because we are both monkeypeople. I’m a Monkeyman and he was a Monkeyboy. Monkey genetics.

We got his nice temporary stone set up. His grave is the best. Seriously, it will be so epic when the proper stone comes in. I hope he likes it.

I’d give anything to have him back. I’d trade all my appendages and be a stump.

But I KNOW he’s in a better place. Because the place I’m in without him, well, it’s not very good.

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