I finally got around to adding Maxy boy to

Oddly, there are quite a few Tworzydlos on the site when you search.

Max serves as such a constant inspiration to me. If I ever feel overwhelmed at work, I just look at his picture and everything comes into perspective. Also, I started this bootcamp personal trainer thing a couple of weeks ago. It was really tough, but I’m getting better. When we’re at the end of our 1 minute high-intensity stuff, and the other people might be hitting a knee during mountain climber or something, I just focus really hard on Max and how strong he was and say “I will not stop” and then I fight through the pain and finish strong. I love it. I don’t think I’ll ever be scared of shots ever again. When I’m about to give blood or get an injection, I just think about how many times Max did that and that I need to be strong like him. Maxy helps me so much everyday, I just wish I had more time so I could have done more for him.

P.S. – someone please remember to add me to one day.

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