The Leftovers on HBO ended up being one of my all-time favorite shows and the best meditation on grief I’ve seen in TV or movies.

The third and final season of it concentrated on the upcoming seven year anniversary of “The Sudden Departure”. The seven year anniversary has particular importance to various communities in the show, with a great importance put on that number. What will happen on the seventh year? Will everyone come back? Will another rapture happen?

Now it’s seven years for Max, too.

Does it get easier? Well, does what get easier? Life? No, no it doesn’t.

Things change. You change. The world changes. You make decisions. You move further down the path. New things, both sad and wonderful rise to the surface. But no matter the forks in the road, trace it back and it comes back to that fork. That change. That thing. No matter what happens ahead of that, it’s there and it will always be there.

Seven years later.

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