Classy Pictures of Max

Max had lots of pictures taken of him in a real short time! These are the ones I instagrammed so he could be a hipster baby.

3 thoughts on “Classy Pictures of Max

  1. To: Max
    You wil never be forgotten but a reminder of pure love you gave as a gift. I want you to know that the time you spent in this life was one ill never forget. You have a remarkable mom and dad that will continue to have you in their hearts. Your now in Gods hands from above and know that you are smiling and living with joy. Love you always
    Your Aunt Gina

  2. What a special little boy. What special parents. We now have one more loved one in Heaven waiting for us. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Judy Harrison

    • Michael, I don’t know you and Max’s mother, but I worked with your Mom at Central in Nederland. I was on facebook when she was waiting for Max to be born and she told of the strength of both of little Max’s parents. I can see from your posts how much you loved him and what a great baby he was. You will always remember the great memories you had with him. My condolences on the sad moments you will have and my admiration for the way you are bringing joy at such a hard time. Little Max, I didn’t ever meet you, but I can truly say, I loved you.

      Carolyn Butler

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